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Standard Contractual Clauses

E’GNER designer bags

Our company is involved in online trading. Our principal activity: 479102 – parcel delivery, trade of online retail purchasing.

Main products: leather bags

SCC issued: 23, May, 2018

The personal information of the user is taken care of by the Privacy Information Notices, which are available by clicking here. www.egner.hu/en/adatkezeles/

Company information:

Szegner Katalin E.V.

Based in: 42, Kápolna street, Szendehely 2640

Registration number: 51819514

Tax number: 68489298-1-32

Account number: 66000169-16001189

Company’s main bank: CENTRÁL TAKARÉK szövetkezet

E-mail address: info@egner.hu

Website: www.egner.hu

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/egnerofficial

Instagram page: www.instagram.com/egnerofficial

Host provider: Fullcon IT Tárhely és Domain Szolgáltató



Choosing the product

By clicking on category of products on our website, you can select the required family of the products and certain products within that.

By clicking on certain products, you will find information about the product, such as pictures, article number, review, price, etc.

In the case of purchase you must pay for the price of the product chosen by you, indicated on the website.

All the products are illustrated with a picture. Accessoires or decorating elements are not the part of the products, except when it is stated specifically in the product description.

Please note, that we do not take responsibility for possible clerical errors and incorrect data.

Shopping Cart

After choosing the product by clicking on shopping cart, you can add an undetermined number of products to the shopping cart, without being obligated to purchase, thus it is not qualified as tender.

We recommend you to add your favourite products to the cart, even if you are not yet sure to buy them, since it makes it easy for you to track, see and compare the products with a simple click at any certain moment.

The content of the shopping cart is to be modified freely up to the confirmation of the order, you can remove or add any products from/to the cart, the number of products can be modified any time.

If you add a selected product to the shopping cart, you can see its content by simply clicking on the shopping cart icon at the top of the page. If you do not wish to select more products, click on the shopping cart icon. If you would like to see the selected products again or you would like to add some more products to the cart, click on the Women’s Bag heading.

View Shopping Cart

While browsing our website you can check the content of the cart whenever you wish, by clicking on the shopping cart icon at the top of the page. Here you can edit your order, remove or change the number of products. By clicking on Refreshing Shopping Cart, the system assesses the changes and shows you the appropriate information about your selected items, including the price of the products added to the cart.

Giving personal data

The total purchase price appears next to the content of the shopping cart and the added products. Purchasing is not contingent on registration, however, some useful functions become available, such as tracking your orders. If you would like to register, click on the I Register button within the Sign In icon. To register, you need to give a user name, e-mail address and password, and after the first sign in you can indicate further information, such as billing and delivery address under the heading Addresses. The system is storing the provided addresses automatically. During purchase you can make further comments in the Notes textbox.

Review of Order

Within Paying, you can complete the ordering process after filling out all the textboxes. Here you can see a summary of your details previously given, the content of the shopping cart, user details, billing and delivery information and the price payable.

Confirmation of Order – Tender

If you are convinced that the content of your shopping cart is identical to your choice of product(s) and all your personal details are correctly specified, you can confirm your order by clicking on I Order. The information specified on the website is not considered as tender from the Seller’s part.

Under the current SCC orders, you shall be the tenderer and the contract is only concluded if you make a tender through our website and the seller accepts it.

By clicking on Sending Order, you shall expressly acknowledge that your tender is considered complete and your declaration implies an obligation to pay – in the case of acknowledgement by the seller and by the current SCC regulations.

Processing Order – Conclusion of the Contract

You are tender-bound for 48 hours. If the Seller does not confirm your order, under the current SCC, within 48 hours you shall be absolved of your tender limitation.

The processing of the order works in two phases. You have the opportunity to place your order at any point in time. First, you shall receive an automatic reply, which only confirms that your order has been transferred via our website, but such confirmation is not to be taken as acceptance of your tender. If you notice that the automatic email contains your personal information incorrectly (eg. name, delivery address, phone number, etc.) you are required to immediately communicate it by email simultaneously with the correct data. If you do not receive the automatic confirmation email within 24 hours of ordering, do not hesitate to contact us, because it is possible that your request did not arrive in our system due to a technical error. Your confirmation email might be detected as spam (usually with freemail and citromail), so do not forget to check your spam folder, as well.


You will receive a Hungarian invoice from our enterprise (Szegner Katalin E.V. 2640 Szendehely Kápolna street 42.), which includes AAM% tax. Both gross and net amounts of the products are indicated on the invoice, plus an additional transport cost, in case there is any.

Our colleagues will send you the proforma invoice and we send you the product(s) as soon as possible, after the payment is received. The invoice will be sent subsequently due to the delay of accounting. For more information contact us at info@egner.hu.


We offer a commercial guarantee of half a year on our products. A faulty product, which has been damaged during the lifetime of the guarantee, will be sent back to the manufacturer in every case.

You shall preserve the original invoice, since that is the only way to prove your purchase. When no such invoice is presented, the manufacturer is not obligated to repair or replace the product.

The guarantee is not expanded in the following cases: the product has not been used for its intended purpose, in case of overloading, inefficient cleaning, transforming, violent opening, storage in humid conditions for a reasonable period or it is soaked in water, homemade repairing, breaking or damaging of closures due to negligent handling.

This guarantee does not cover natural wear (natural wear of leather by use), damage caused after purchase and damages of the closures and the metal parts of the bag. In case you discover any damage, which might have been caused by the carrier, please, draw up the minutes with the delivery service in every case! We are not able to accept any reclamations if the minutes are absent.

Canceling of Order

If you have changed your mind and wish to withdraw from the order, you can do so by e-mail: info@egner.hu.

Payment Methods

Bank Transfer

In case of bank transfer, after receiving the confirmation email, the buyer shall transfer  the total purchase price (along with the transport cost, if there is any) to the seller’s account, which is held at CENTRÁL TAKARÉK SZÖVETKEZET (nr. 66000169-16001189). The amount to be transferred will be sent by email through a proforma invoice in all cases.

The Seller will precise a payment deadline of 3 working days, therefore if the seller doesn’t receive payment within 3 days, counted from the moment of purchase, the seller will ignore the order.

Credit Card

You can pay by credit card through Barion system. In this case, you can equally pay by credit card or Barion Wallet. It works with preloaded balance, as well, without using a card. 100% Hungarian. 100% safe and speedy.

You shall give all your details at the site of Barion, not here.

The Barion Payment Zrt. operates with the authorisation of the Hungarian National Bank. (EU directive of e-money, 2011, under law No CCXXXV, Act of 2013)

License number: H-EN-1-1064/2013

Identification number: 25353192

Acceptance, acceptance fees

Personal service

This is not a prospect. At the current moment, customers are not welcome as we only have a storage, we do not have a store.

Home delivery with courier service

Hungary: Our enterprise delivers with Magyar Posta Zrt. (MPL), on working days between 8-17.

Italy, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, France: Our enterprise delivers with TNT Express Hungary Zrt. (TNT), on working days between 8-17.


If the courier fails to deliver the package at first, the MPL/TNT attempts another delivery the following day or at a date arranged with the customer. The package contains the invoice. Before taking over the package, make sure that it is unharmed. In case you discover any damage which might have been caused by the carrier, please, draw up the minutes with the delivery service in every case! We are not able to accept any reclamations if the minutes are absent.

The Operator, Szegner Katalin E.V. shall not be responsible for late delivery or delivery error, caused by incorrect information given by the customer. The customer is liable for paying the cost of return, in case of packages, which have not been taken over at delivery or returned goods. We only dispatch the package again, if we receive remuneration of the package by money transferred in advance.

The products in storage are to be delivered in maximum 12 working days, we will always send detailed information by email. The individual administration of those products which cannot be delivered due to stock shortages is made via one of the customer’s contacts. In this cases, payment and delivery deadlines are part of an individual agreement between Buyer and Seller.

Transport Fees

The transport fee throughout:

Hungary is 3000 HUF/10 Euro for the bags and 1500 HUF/5 Euro for the key chains.

Italy, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, France is 12000 HUF/39 Euro for the bags and for the key chains.

The price of delivery may vary when ordering more products. There may be regions within some countries to which delivery requires a special price according to accessibility. We will always provide detailed information about these charges via email.

Period of completion

The general period of completion, from the confirmation of the order, is the following in the given countries:

Hungary: 2-10 working days

Italy: 4-12 working days

Austria: 2-12 working days

Germany: 3-12 working days

Great Britain: 5-12 working days

France: 4-12 working days

This delivery deadline is indicative, in case of any deviation we will contact you by phone or email.

By accepting the current SCC, you take note that the Seller excludes all possibilities of compensation in case of delay of delivery.

Reservation of title, ownership clause

It might occur that the production of certain bags, which appear on our website, has terminated. We reserve the right to reject confirmed orders, either partly or completely. Partial fulfilment can only follow a personal arrangement.

Further information

It is guaranteed that the Seller will grant confidentiality and will not disclose the content of your personal information to any third person, except for those fulfilling the order.