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Isa -25%


Ebony Black

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• handmade
• main elements: calf-hide and American walnut wood
• metal clasp turn lock
• the metal parts are of silver color
• painted edges
• detachable and adjustable shoulder strap
• wear resistant and firm textile lining
• pocket and separated zipped-pocket on the inside
• 4 pieces of bottom bag feet
• height: 31 cm
• width: 28.5 cm
• depth: 16 cm
• height of handle: 17 cm
• diameter of wood circle-shaped handle:
• length of shoulder strap: 115 cm
• product control number: AW17-BUC-000_001

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Our Isa bag is our signature bucket-type bag. It is always a popular piece because of its ease and timelessness. A major feature of the bag is the circular American walnut wood handle, which was shaped specially for maximal comfort. There is also an adjustable shoulder strap for multiple styles of wear. You can easily close the bag with the help of a metal locking clasp. There is enough room for your personal belongings and even for your extra pair of shoes for the night! A small pocket with leather board is added to one side on the inside for your smaller items. The bottom is protected by two pairs of metal feet.


The main components of the bag are made of premium quality calf-hide and American walnut wood. Calf-hide has a high-strength, consistent fiber-structure, which makes it a perfect wear-proof, dimensionally stable type of leather. The durability of American walnut wood is considered good. Its main feature lies in its wavy bark, special striped pattern and varied tint from light to dark shades of brown, possibly combined with grey, purple or red. Alloying the structural ability and appearance of the two main elements makes each and every bag unique, no pieces are identical due to their material structure.
In order to preserve the life expectancy of this high-quality leather for as long as possible, please respect the following advice: the leather and wooden parts of the product must be protected from water (including rain), as well as chemicals, as these can cause serious damage and shorten the lifetime of the bag. In case the product accidentally comes into contact with humidity, it must be dried at room temperature, away from a radiator, in a well-ventilated place. In normal use, leathers -simply tanned using vegetable substances-, which frequently contact human skin may darken, which is a natural process. The product should preferably be protected from any pointed and sharp objects or friction.
The product does not require any special cleaning. The leather, textile and wood should be cleaned with a soft rag. Possible staining can be removed with a soft sponge or wiper, depending on the material. Do not use solvents, acidic, alkaline or rough materials. The wooden elements may be cleaned with furniture care polish, avoiding contact with the leather. Deeper cleaning of the leather should be carried out by a professional.

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